Variant Plan #0 by Jeff Davis

Variant Plan #0 by Jeff Davis

It’s interesting to think that a house may one day be designed from a generative algorithm. I’m not sure why one would, but I’m also not sure why one would not.

After browsing through the Variant Plan transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, and visualizing each place before me, I see floorplans of future factories, homes, stores, activity centers, etc. Yet, none of them are enough to make me want to move — to sail away from the sea in my tiny boat to explore.

How much better does one need to perceive things to be to make a change? How does one communicate how much better life can be in different circumstances? Does any of it really matter?

The happiness of an individual comes from within. When an individual’s perception of external factors moves from the negative to positive, the only thing that has changed is the individual’s internal environment. Awareness is the first step.

One thing that does seem to matter is shifting the balance of power more favorably in the direction of the individual and local communities. This is at least part of what the decentralization movement is about.

We are becoming aware that the centralization of all the things is not the greatest of ideas. Some might say there is too much centralized power. Others might say that there is not enough. Though, the tide seems to be turning in the direction of the former.

I can envison a world where networks are owned by the individual. And we can use large centralized organizations to build the networks and tools that empower the individual. That empower the local communities. Healthy networks are powerful. Truly decentralized networks are secure. We want healthy, decentralized networks.

And with these decentralized networks and the tooling built around them comes the ability to share freely with all the nodes of the network. So that algorithm that was written to create the floorplan of one’s house can easily be used and manipulated to create the floorplan of another.

The knowledge becomes free and we can track its inception and its variants. This is empowering.