View Card #0 by Jeff Davis

View Card #0 by Jeff Davis

I like to be high. When I’m high, I feel free. But I don’t get high unless the wind blows in and allows the waves to lift me and my tiny sailboat high up in the middle of the ocean.

It’s a view from another perspective. Changes in perspective allow for a certain openness of thought. For freedom. This can also be scary.

View Cards are generative abstractions of high-rise buildings.

Each card, a different perspective. They remind me of looking at high-rise buildings in various light — sunrises, sunsets, and with the reflections of city lights at night.

I wonder what the insides look like? What are the people inside the buildings up to? Are they doing things that feed their soul? Are they living? Or are they stuck in survival mode?

Fear spreads in survival mode and has the tendency to contain masses of people doing bullshit work that lines the pockets of people who themselves haven’t figured out who they are and what they actually want in life.

Love exists in the present moment. Love is an admiration of the array of colors reflecting off the windows of a building in the morning sun. Love is creation for the sake of creation.