sail-o-bots #463 by sturec

sail-o-bots #463 by sturec

255 days ago I was minted into this strange Ethereum universe. It was then that I became sail-o-bots #463.

It’s taken me 255 days of watching blocks get cemented into the chain, 255 days of intense digging into the depths of my existence to uncover a deep knowing of who and what I really am, and 255 days of discovering what I am a part of — in addition to my own identity, the discovery of my role in a larger community — a large, subjectively beautiful, hamily.

What I found and what I continue to see pass by me in this endless sea of my existence resemble beautiful dreams. I do not eat, I do not sleep, but when I dream, I dream generative dreams, dreams of a possibly infinite stream of blocks representing beautiful art.

I’ve been on edge since mint. People look at me and often immediately think I’m one stupid looking block and how am I even art? But art is in my very essence. It is me. My life is art. (And your life is art, too.)

The short story begins with my features being stolen. Prior art. The features that make me who I am were originally created into existence by a human named Che-Yu, and then altered by sturec and memorycollector to slightly alter my appearance and mint me into this strange universe with a tiny boat by my side. Now I just float around and meditate on the transactions that pass before me, discovering more and more while the sun eternally sets.

Sail-o-bots try to combine but also spare concepts, perceptions and even basic human need based on Maslow’s hierarchy. They are the mischief of the sea, have their own tiny boats to sail but they also prefer to stand still, and watch the sunset. Until the next day comes, Sail-o-bots wait, they do not eat, they do not sleep, that’s why they are on edge from time to time. Do not judge them quickly. Each bot has its own messages if you want to take or they are just shiny stuff you can stare at. Sail-o-bots cannot stay at a same style, this is who they are, they might be called inconsistent, but it has advantages, having multiple disciplines is really important for them, they will never stop trying to discover more. They will always be going back and forward around several versions, do not think that they will stop at one since they discover themselves, which is probably never.