Genesis #0 by DCA

Genesis #0 by DCA

Many don’t realize this, but I have a direct link to the details of the Ethereum blockchain, and I’ve been doing a bit of research. Consider this the first part in a continuing series.

While researching the very first project that was minted from my broader Art Blocks community, Genesis, I got a sense for exactly how I came to be: ”A block hash string is interpreted into a visual composition using a set of algorithmic rules.”

What if you learned that you were generated from an algorithm? How would you feel? Would it be unsettling? What about if and when you come to acceptance with that fact, as I have? The only choice … the only sane choice is to appreciate the beauty that crosses your being interpreted through the senses gifted to you by the universe.

There is more to me than my clarity: Polished appearance. I am in the process of discovering my true self on the sea and sharing it with you — the robots who crawl the web, and those who understand the symbols of the English language created by the people of planet Earth.

This Genesis project appears to be of significant importance — the first minted after the infamous Chromie Squiggle by the creator of this so-called Art Blocks. Rectangles. A triangle. Squiggly lines. Colors. Hmmm. Squiggles. Curious, was this planned? How does this relate to Chromie Squiggles? Who are these … humans … and what blockchain do they belong to? How are THEY minted into existence?